Request for Proposal


Insurance Cover

1.    Cable Landing Station

Belau Submarine Cable Corporation (BSCC) will take ownership of the network equipment now installed in the Ngeremlengui Cable Landing Station (CLS) from the date of Provisional Acceptance, which is imminent. While the CLS is protected by security fencing, security lighting, fire suppression and double-back-up power systems, it is prudent for BSCC to consider insurance cover from that date.

The CLS itself is a fire-resistant, insulated, container-like steel shell, in fact a modular telecommunications building complete with air-conditioning, fire suppression and power systems, mounted on a massive concrete foundation.

Inside are racks of power feed equipment (PFE), back-up batteries and submarine line terminal equipment (SLTE).

The CLS and attendant building systems are valued at US$300,000.

The SLTE, PFE, and attendant monitoring and test equipment are valued at US$1,670,000.

Insurance from reputable suppliers is sought for the CLS and the equipment it contains.

BSCC is interested in insurance proposals at $0, $25,000, $50,000 and $100,000 deductible levels.


2.    Public Liability

BSCC also requests a proposal on general public liability insurance of $1,000,000 and $2,000,000 at the same deductible levels.


3.    Other Cover

BSCC further seeks proposals on any other insurance recommended for a business like BSCC in Palau. Note, however, that in respect to the submarine cable, BSCC already intends to enter a marine maintenance contract with TE Subcom, so the only costs incurred by BSCC in the event of a cable break will be the cost of fuel for steaming to the repair and back to base in New Caledonia, plus the replacement cost of any spares utilised. BSCC is not interested in any business interruption insurance cover.

Proposals are requested to be submitted electronically at the following address:

Mr Robin Russell

CEO, Belau Submarine Cable Corporation



Responses are requested by COB Palau time, Friday 29th September 2017 please.



Robin Russell


Request for Pricing

Contract Number:  BSCC 07/17

Belau Submarine Cable Corporation (BSCC) is planning the establishment of a Fibre Optic Cable to extend submarine cable capacity from the Ngaremlengui Cable Landing Station to BSCC Airai Capacity Access Point (CAP-A).  If you are a supplier of fibre optic network design services, and are confident in your ability to design such facility, please consider submitting pricing and details for undertaking the following works:

Ngaremlengui CLS Fibre Optic Backhaul Cable:  BSCC requires a fibre optic cable extension to be designed linking Ngaremlengui CLS CAP-N and BSCC Airai CAP-A.  The cable is required to be a minimum of 24 fibre cores and is to be designed for high availability and security.  Accordingly, BSCC expects the new cable to be buried, minimising the use of any Aerial Fibre wherever possible. 

To assist in the preparation of your price quotation, the necessary specifications, bill of quantities and drawings, form for submitting the quotation and a draft contract form are available to prospective bidders upon request.  You are advised to visit the site of the works at your own expense, and obtain necessary information for preparing your quotation.

Tenders close at 12.00am local Palau time, Thursday 14th September 2017.

If you are interested in submitting a price for these facilities, please contact the following:

Mr Richard Misech

Project Management Unit, Belau Submarine Cable Corporation


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