Details of BSCC Products and Pricing are contained in the Reference Access Offer (RAO) approved by Minister Public Infrastructure, Industries and Commerce on 1 August 2017. The RAO can be downloaded below.


Reference Access Offer

1. Access

Belau Submarine Cable Corporation (BSCC) offers wholesale capacity to any licensed ICT Service Provider on an equal basis, without discrimination. BSCC will not provide retail capacity to business or consumers . BSCC does not compete with its customers.

Any ICT Service Provider seeking access must satisfy BSCC of its bona fides, including providing documentation, licences etc if required.

2. Products

The core product offered by BSCC on the cable is leased capacity between the BSCC Capacity Access Point (CAP) at the Cable Landing Station (CLS) at Ngaremlengui (CAP-N), Palau, and GTA Piti in Guam. 

The minimum capacity offered is 50 Mbit/sec.

Leases are available on one or three year terms. 

3. Pricing

An Early Bird discount is available to customers who sign a Capacity Use Agreement (CUA) before 31st October 2017. Early Bird customers may make one further capacity acquisition within 12 months of BSCCnet's Ready for Service (RFS) date and obtain Early Bird pricing. 

Pricing chart.png

4.   Commercial Terms

If a customer increases its capacity lease, the whole of the customer’s capacity will be priced at the applicable pricing band and the lease term will reset from the date of the increase.

For example, a customer may enter a three year lease from 1st January 2018 for 250 Mbit / sec. The price would be $250 per Mbit / sec per month. On 1st January 2019 that customer increases its capacity to 500 Mbit / sec. The price for the whole 500 Mbit / sec would then become $188 per Mbit / sec per month from 1st January 2019, with the new lease expiry date of 31st December 2021.

BSCC provides price protection for its customers. If a price reduction, at the volume band in a customer’s Capacity Use Agreement (CUA), results in a list price below that in the CUA, the price in the CUA is reduced to match the list price, effective from the date of the list price reduction.

A deposit of three months lease price is payable on signing a CUA. Leases are then billed 3 months in advance.

Lease prices include operations and maintenance charges.

Failure to pay BSCC invoices within 30 days of the date of issue will result in the suspension of services until the invoice is paid. Lease charges will continue to accrue during any suspension of service for non-payment. Once entered, the CUA lease runs its full term, including any new capacity extensions.

Any additional equipment, design or installation effort for non-standard requirements will be charged to the customer at cost plus 10%. BSCC will retain ownership of all network equipment up to the CAP customer distribution frame.

5.   Standard Access

BSCC will offer standard access utilising GigE and 10GigE.

6.   Service Levels

BSCC will provide standard access at the date required by the customer, subject to a minimum notice of five business days. If notice of less than five business days is provided, BSCC will make its best efforts to meet the customer requirement.

Service levels for non-standard access are subject to case-by-case agreement with customers.

In the event of a fault, BSCC targets the following response times:

Response times.png

If a service affecting fault is due to action or inaction of BSCC and is not corrected within 24 hours of the report, no lease charges apply from the date of the report until the fault is corrected.

7.   Capacity Use Agreement

BSCC will provide draft, which should incorporate all relevant T&Cs, colo provisions and activation forms, once key principles are agreed with customers (customer contracts not published to preserve commercial confidentiality of customers, general form agreed with Regulator).

8.   Operational Procedures

To be developed (not published generally for security reasons).



Charles I Obichang

Minister of Public Infrastructure, Industries and Commerce