Background of Belau Submarine Cable Corporation

Balau Submarine Cable Corporation (BSCC) was established as a state-owned enterprise (SOE) by RPPL 9-47 on 21st September 2015, to procure, operate, and manage a submarine fiber optic cable on behalf of the Government of Palau. The sole shareholder of BSCC is the Government of Palau, and the statute stipulates that BSCC is not to be opened up to other shareholders or any public-private partnership (PPP) arrangements for the first ten years of its existence.

Financing for the project is through loans from the Asian Development Bank to the Government of the Republic of Palau, and from internal resources of the government. The Executing Agency for the project is the Ministry of Finance, while Belau Submarine Cable Corporation is the Implementing Agency.

The SEA-US submarine cable system will link the five areas and territories of Manado in Indonesia; Davao in the Philippines; Piti in Guam; Honolulu, Hawaii; and Los Angeles, California. The system will be approximately 15,000 kms in length and has been designed and engineered to bypass earthquake prone areas in East Asia, thereby providing strategic diversity in transpacific networks.

In 2015, Palau and the Federated States of Micronesia together reached agreement with NEC of Japan for the engineering and construction of spur cables from branching units on the SEA-US submarine cable system to landing stations to be constructed in Palau and Yap. The purchase from NEC includes the wet and dry cable segments and all terminal station equipment to be installed at BSCC’s landing station in Ngeremlengui state, to handle up to five 100 Gbps wavelength channels for Palau and to provision an initial 100 Gbps.

System Configuration

The Submarine Cable Map

NEC is BSCC's main network supplier

NEC’s Official Submarine Cable Site  

NEC’s Unofficial Submarine Cable Page 

Flexenclosure is BSCC's modular Cable Landing Station supplier

Flexenclosure’s Official Site

Flexenclosure’s YouTube video on the BSCC project 


BSCC's Procurement Information


George Rechucher (Chairman)

Eric K. Whipps (Treasurer)

Clarinda Ziegler

Johvanna Yaoch

Keobel Sakuma


Robin Russell (Chief Executive Officer)

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