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BSCC is seeking applications for two Operations Support Officers.

BSCC’s operational concept is to outsource specialist services. The two positions will fulfil the BSCC role in Palau, highlighted in red below.

BSCC Operational Concept.jpg

The Submarine Performance and Network Performance functions will be outsourced to specialists. The Palau based BSCC Operations Support Officers will work under the direction of the Network Performance provider, who will operate a 24/7/365 monitoring and response service. This Customer Service Centre (CSC) may require the Palau staff to spring into action at any time of the day or night.

The primary role will be will be to manage all local support contracts (e.g. generator servicing, air conditioning servicing etc), and to also directly support all the submarine cable technical and other telecommunications equipment located in Palau.

Initially, all the BSCC equipment will be at the Cable Landing Station in Ngeremlengui (CAP-N). However, BSCC is currently commencing procurement of a network extension to the airport at Airai, where a second Customer Access Point (CAP-A) will be established.

The BSCC Operations Team will procure and manage outsourced support for the key items of mechanical plant and equipment located in Palau, plus establish and work with the outsourced Primary Network Operations Centre (NOC) and CSC.  The BSCC Operations Team will undertake the activities in Palau to support the Primary NOC and CSC providers.  The BSCC Operations team will be accountable for the overall operation and availability of the BSCC Network. 

The outsourcing contractual arrangement is:

BSCC Operations Contractual Overview

The salary range is $20,000 to $25,000. Both positions will report to the CEO. Applications close on Monday 4th September, and should be sent to:


A formal Job Description can be downloaded here: