BSCC Launch T-shirts

BSCCnet officially launches on December 7th, 2017.

As part of the celebrations, BSCC is producing t-shirts that will be distributed over the coming weeks. While we aim to produce a lot, there may not be enough for everyone who wants one.

Pictured below are early sample prints, the one in the foreground seven-eighths of the way through the process:


The image on the back of the shirt was designed by Jason Shaw of Piece, located here in Palau.  The design represents connectivity and depicts a Palauan moon rising over the islands and ocean.  The sky is filled with ellipses which represent the light that carries data along BSCCnet’s optical fibres as well as the abundance of information which the cable delivers.

The words on the front of the shirt, Lighting Up Palau, refer to a term of art in the submarine cable business. We “light up” capacity, a reference to the multiplexed light waves (aka “colours”) that transport data on our submarine network from Ngeremlengui in Palau to Piti in Guam and back in 18 milliseconds. Not quite the speed of light, but close.

December 7, is the target date BSCC set in April to declare Ready for Service, the formal commencement of customer traffic on BSCCnet. On September 14, a three day confidence trial, a component of the formal acceptance process, was completed. The network was error free and has continued to run error free in the two months since.

BSCC achieved the Ready for Service milestone with the bit between our teeth, under budget, and on time.  Our first customer was connected on November 5, and the design for the planned network extension to Airai is currently under way.

NEC of Japan designed and constructed the BSCC submarine network. NEC’s professionalism, engineering excellence and corporate wisdom has been critical to the delivery of the first phase of the project. BSCC is proud to acknowledge NEC’s role in our Ready for Service (RFS) celebration.

Lighting Up Palau

While the BSCC shirts are part of a corporate promotion and celebration, we are excited because they are also part of an art event.

In addition to the main run, Jason has custom painted an additional 40 shirts; the shirts will be presented to special guests at the official BSCC launch. Each of the 40 shirts is unique.

We are inviting you to send stories and / or pictures related to the BSCC shirts to

The best photo and the best story, as judged by BSCC’s panel of judges, will win a custom painted shirt. Submit your story or photo (and your shirt size) by January 10, 2018. BSCC will publish some of the outstanding efforts on our web site.

BSCC is asking friends and supporters to wear their shirts whenever they feel like it, but especially on December 7th, as part of the BSCC launch celebrations. If you like our work, please join us in getting lots of stories and photos of celebrations on December 7!

How to get a T shirt?

T-shirts will be reserved for those registering at:

All you need to do to register is email me your first and last name, T shirt size (Y, S, M, L, XL or XXXL), cell number, and preferred distribution point (Airai or Malakal). We will post the dates and locations for shirt collection on our web site once we have shirts in hand.

The first 500 registrants in the first week are guaranteed a shirt. The basis for allocation will be strictly first come first served.  Shirts will only be distributed in Palau and while we will endeavour to honour all shirt size requests… there are no guarantees as we get deep into the distribution.

Register now… shirts will go fast!