Final Splice on BSCCnet

The main BSCC cable lay was completed today with the final splice joining the SEA-US Branching Unit stub to the Palau spur. KDDI Pacific Link (KPL) completed the deployment of the joint box to the sea floor 4,900 metres below. The final bight was released at 15:32 Palau time.

The final splice represents a huge milestone in the BSCC construction schedule. We now have a completed network linking Guam and Palau. The remaining project milestones are related to testing, training and completion of site works at the Ngeremlengui Cable Landing Station:

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 8.50.32 am.png

The final splice was completed three days ahead of schedule, a credit to the professionalism of prime contractor NEC and BSCC’s Project Management Unit (PMU), provided by McCann Consulting International. The project remains on time and under budget.