BSCCnet’s First Outage

This morning at around 8:30am, just as the work day was starting to kick into high gear, BSCCnet lost service. I noticed it, and no doubt a lot of other people in Palau noticed it too.

Internet service was still there, but at nothing like the speeds we have been enjoying so far in 2018. The reason that there was still some international connectivity is due to the satellite capacity that Palauan Retail Service Providers PNCC and Palau Telecoms have retained as back-up to the submarine cable capacity. Hats off to those RSPs!

The outage on BSCCnet was triggered when a repair on the SEA-US cable system, to which we are connected, went off-plan. As a result of powering down for a re-splice operation, BSCCnet lost service. A solution was achieved when the system was repowered from the Guam end, and Palau connectivity was restored on BSCCnet at 12:40 pm.

BSCCnet Outage.png

BSCC apologises to the people of Palau for the outage. We will report more extensively on the cause and any steps we can take to prevent a repetition, once we are assured there are no more threats to service continuity.